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You know you need to get some software developed, you know what you want and you can be pretty sure if you Google for it you can find someone to build it for you. In reality, that is actually a lot harder than it sounds.

Software is more about knowing the you, the company, the ‘users’, the real needs of the business, the products, and even the customers.  It is also about teaching (especially early on in a project) to ensure that everyone knows what’s possible and can contribute.

The best and most successful projects are, without a doubt, when the management team embrace the idea that all users have an important and valid contribution. That teams can work on specific areas that affect them in the design of the product. When small prototypes can be tested on actual users – even customers – to ensure they are a good fit.  

So, our idea of consultancy is more about getting to know you and getting to know your business so that we can work with you to design the right product that will work for your company in the longer term.



In the recent past, software was installed either on your office network or local PC and you called IT to help.  This was both very expensive (in terms of staff cost and equipment) and also fraught with problems or constant upgrades.  The days of inhouse IT have long gone and Cloud computing is now the norm.

Firstly, what exactly is Cloud Computing?

Essentially, it is a computing resource on demand, not unlike electricity. The concept takes away the hardware element and simply provides a computer that you control remotely.  Generally, these are Linux based systems with varying levels of RAM and Disk Space.  Your software is uploaded to the Cloud computer and from there, we can guide you through the process.

So, how does ClickDigital fit into this ?

To put it simply, running software and a system on a remote computer via a terminal is involved.  We have been doing this since 2008 with our partners Amazon, who are currently the largest provider of Cloud Computer power.  We also work with Microsoft Azure and Google Compute.  

ClickDigital are passionate about the idea of you getting a working software solution that is available 24/7.  We appreciate that you probably don’t want to run your own system but are happy to work with those that do.  To us, the ideal situation is we develop your applications with you and then ensure they continue to run thereafter for the longer term, developing, enhancing and securing as needed.


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